Zerodha API hanging

I have observed many times today and often in the last few days the Zerodha APIs are not updating the with the latest price when we poll it,
It will continue to show the same price for many seconds when market is going up and suddenly it will show a big loss and you will exit with a loss.
I see this often happening. Somebody tell me what is the solution for this?
  • sujith
    Can you elaborate which API are you referring to?
  • naveen278
    getLTP API to get last price of BankNifty
  • sujith
    We haven't changed anything for the LTP API. If it is not working for you then we suggest using Websocket API for fetching live market data.
  • naveen278
    that will be difficult
    your APIs is getting old data for almost several seconds. I suggest your Servers are overloaded.
    Please check this.
  • naveen278
    if old data is still being got for many seconds, it is not a logic issue it is mostly the specific server from which your getting the latest stock data, that server could be hanging due to server issue or data from exchange could be delayed or some connectivity issue with exchange,etc due to which API gets old data.
  • sujith
    If there is an issue with server then response will timeout or you will receive late response not send cached value.
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