Changing access_token expiry to midnight instead of 6am?

Current access_token expiry is set to 6AM. (source -
Is there a regulatory requirement for this to be exactly at 6am? If not, could this be changed to refresh earlier at midnight? (12am or 1am)
Where can i make a feature request change for this? Appreciate your help!
  • sujith
    I am afraid we can't do that. There are many BOD processes run in the midnight post that only we clear all the sessions.
  • MAG
    @sujith When the tokens are cleared, can there be an additional check for age? If one wakes up at 5 am and create a new access token for the day, ideally, it should not be cleared at around 6:00 am.
  • kshitijc
    @sujith why is the session clearing need to be sequenced after BOD processes? Couldn't it run along? It doesn't seems to be dependent on BOD processes.
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