KiteTicker Websockets is not connecting

Hello Team,

I am continuously getting the following error while trying to connect websoket.

WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed:

Here is the use case:

1. Kite Ticker Websocket is working perfectly as expected and it was returning tick perfectly if I open the application only in 1 or 2 browsers at the same time.
2. But if I open the application in multiple browsers (5/6) at the same time, application throws an error as above. I have logged from error callback function. Please find the screenshot for your reference.

I have also tried from .NET API client and used the following
Ticker ticker = new Ticker(apiKey, accessToken, null, true, 5, 50, false, null);

It returned

isConnected: false

Could you please fix the issue asap.

Mita Roy
[email protected]
  • sujith
    One can open up to only 3 websocket connections per api_key. It is can be used to subscribe for up to 9000 instruments.
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