Instrument Token

gowthamrajanm edited February 8 in API clients
Will the instrument token even change in the future? Ex, ADANIGREEN has instrument token to be "912129" now. Is there any possiblity that this token will change for ADANIGREEN? Asking this because I am thinking to use this as a PRIMARY check for price range validations.

  • sujith
    It may change when there is any corporate action or moved to T2T segment. It is a rare scenario but possible. You can use
    as the primary key.
  • cvcnsprakash
    I am looking onto save the websocket data to timeseries db. Thought of using instrument_token as tag. Is there anything thats unique and will not change in future from websocket respose that can be used as tag/PK?
  • sujith
    You can use the combination that is mentioned above.
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