Tagging orders is not working

I'm setting the tag field in the orders while placing them but this field is set to 'None' when I retrieve the orders. I have tested this by retrieving the order book and also in the on_order_update path. The tag field that I set in the order is not reflected when I retrieve the orders. Please let me know if tagging of orders is not supported anymore. I'm using the latest Kite connect library for Python.
  • sujith
    Can you share the complete debug logs (request and response) for an order placement? You can enable logs for pykiteconnect and share it. We will check and get back to you.

    PS: Make sure to remove client and app specific tokens or share it in a private message so that we can check against the client id and api_key.
  • skaramo0osh
    Thanks for your response and also your suggestion to enable logs for pykiteconnect. I was able to debug the issue - the tag field in the orders was being cleared just before placing the order in my application. I have fixed it and I see the correct values for tag field now. Thanks again.
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