Is there a way to get all stock details without Login

gowthamrajanm edited March 5 in General
As of now I use PHP along with kiteticker.js for loading all the instrument LTP's. I have a watchlist where it will have Instrument Name along with its LTP. Currently, I have to login to the KITE Connect first and then only I see the LTP values from Ticker.js. I understand I need to login atleast once to get the token to place orders, but is there a way without login I get all the instrument details (just to be displayed as a readonly mode)?
  • sujith
    A third party app can't show our data. You can speak to compliance team on kiteconnect(at)
  • gowthamrajanm
    gowthamrajanm edited March 5
    Not a third party, but a personal purpose thought of having a small php application where it will track some stocks in wishlist and will place order once that range is triggered.
  • sujith
    One needs a valid access token to fetch live market data from Websocket API.
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