Unable to receive WebSocket data after 1 min

Hi @sujith & team, I bought the subscription for Live Feed of Data via WebSocket, executed program to get data from WebSocket using C# .NET program, initially it's receiving the data but after 2-3 minutes it's not receiving the data and showing only connected ticker but unable to receive any data further. could you please check and confirm the issue. see attached image and highlighted area for your reference. last time when received the tick and the current time on right bottom side of screen.

  • ravipratapsingh
    On re-start the program again, it's showing Connected Ticker but unable to to get live data from WebSocket. please look into this on high priority as it's creating issue for me. after paying for the data unable to receive the data from your side. see attached image again ang system time.
  • sujith
    sujith edited March 15
    We haven't observed any issue on Websockets API at our end.
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