Some users are facing login loop

The image below is network call flow of a user who is trying to authenticate Kite through our application.
as one can see in the image, even after adding login credentials and successful TFA, it brings back again to login screen!
this keeps going on for forever, its happening only for some users. Also Cookies and all things are working fine, also user is not in incognito mode!

  • sujith
    Are you opening Kite in popup for login?
  • sujith
    Or is it an iframe?
  • jaydeepmarvaniya17
    Its iframe that we are loading this popup in.

    also if we can see for successful authentication session at KITE, the request flow ends in "finish" request of kite platform in , the above user is missing that conclusion at finish

  • jaydeepmarvaniya17
    @sujith is there any known workaround to overcome this? I guess this closely related to cookies
  • jaydeepmarvaniya17
    ok @sujith I can see the kf_session cookie for each request is of looping flow is different , where as for working flow its same! If anything one can do at client side to overcome this issue?
  • sujith
    It is because of the recent cookie management policy change on chrome and safari.
    You can use offsite order execution.
    This is the possible way because you will open a new tab.
  • jaydeepmarvaniya17
    ok cool, we just want to get holdings of a user, will this flow and also publisher js flow will work with it easily?

    also any workaround for the cookie things possible?
  • sujith
    For fetching holdings of a user, you need a Kite Connect app and that API call is a http request it has nothing to do with offsite order execution.

    We don't have any work around for the cross domain cookie management in an iframe.
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