Kite connect API internet speed

Guys, which is the best internet speed for using the Kite Connect API? I am using a 500 MB plan and have connected 3 PCs, 1 laptop, and a mobile phone.
So this will degrade the API performance? now subscribing to 1000 stocks. Will increasing internet speed help stream 1K stocks on time?
  • steve
    pls reply. iam using share internet
  • sujith
    A 500Mbps should be fine. At max 1000 instruments in full mode will be 184kbps, given all the instruments are highly volatile.
    Again it depends on your implementation as well. If you are making other HTTP API calls also in parallel then you may need to upgrade. It is better to do trial and error and figure out. On paper, 500 Mbps is good enough.
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