Offsite order execution - cannot add more than 1 symbol

I used the offsite order execution method (example in the documentation) to place a basket order but the basket only shows the first item in the list. This is the sequence of steps

* Create a HTML form with input names api_key and data (I used textarea for data)
* Used JSON.stringify() method to convert my JSON object
* Submit using form.submit() method

I tried copying the raw JSON text into the textarea but again it shows only the first item. The same works fine with JS Publisher plugin.

  • Ram
    Basket works successfully for orders from the same exchange :)
    Doesn't seem to work if orders from different exchanges are pooled together
  • Vivek
    @Ram Please check if the order data you have sent are valid, we ignore all the invalid orders from the basket. We have checked sample basket order from multiple exchanges and seems to be working fine.
  • Ram
    Thank you. It works. (I got my symbol wrong. Copy pasting from Kite worked perfectly)
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