Loading a watch list on a web application

We are creating a web terminal where a zerodha user logs in with Kite and gets his access token and gets redirected to our terminal to execute trades.

I understand that the APIs can't be called from the browser (Angular/React) and needs to be called from our backend server due to CORS. What is the best practise architecture in our case to create a watch list.

If websocket data can be accessed only from our backend API, do we then stream it down to our web browser ? Is there a reference architecture you could share ?
  • sujith
    You can speak to compliance team before starting the project with product description to check if you can get approval for the product from exchange. You can reach out to them on kiteconnect(at)zerodha.com
  • srikanthnarayana
    Thanks Sujit
    We are checking with the compliance team as well

    However, how do you suggest developers architect such a scenario ?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect doesn't offer watchlist feature. It has to be built at your end.
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