Order Postback message, Certain fields missing

For individual developers, Postbacks over WebSocket is recommended, where, orders placed for a particular user anywhere,
for instance, web, mobile, or desktop platforms, are sent.

This has been mentioned in the docs. Does it imply that the format for the postback messages would be different too? For example, I am unable to see "app_id" in my postback message.
  • sujith
    The Postback json is same but the usecase is different. You will get order updates for all the orders in the Websocket API whereas on postback API you will receive update only for the orders that are placed from your Kite Connect app.
  • rageisthan
    rageisthan edited May 27
    {"account_id": String("XXXXXX"),
    "average_price": Number(0),
    "cancelled_quantity": Number(25),
    "checksum": String(""),
    "disclosed_quantity": Number(0),
    "exchange": String("NFO"),
    "exchange_order_id": String("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"), "exchange_timestamp": String("2024-05-27 09:51:36"), "exchange_update_timestamp": String("2024-05-27 09:51:49"),
    "filled_quantity": Number(0),
    "guid": String("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"),
    "instrument_token": Number(14565890),
    "market_protection": Number(0),
    "meta": Object {},
    "order_id": String("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"),
    "order_timestamp": String("2024-05-27 09:51:49"),
    "order_type": String("LIMIT"),
    "parent_order_id": Null,
    "pending_quantity": Number(0),
    "placed_by": String("XXXXXX"),
    "price": Number(3.45),
    "product": String("NRML"),
    "quantity": Number(25),
    "status": String("CANCELLED"),
    "status_message": Null,
    "status_message_raw": Null,
    "tag": Null,
    "tradingsymbol": String("NIFTY24MAY22000PE"),
    "transaction_type": String("BUY"),
    "trigger_price": Number(0),
    "unfilled_quantity": Number(0),
    "validity": String("DAY"),
    "variety": String("regular")}

    This is the json I am receiving. Am I missing something? Because there is no mention of App_ID
  • sujith
    Can you let us know why you are looking for app_id? It is anyways same as the one that placed the order.
  • sujith
    Postback API will not send order updates of order placed via other apps.
  • rageisthan
    While the websocket is running, I receive messages in then Websocket of orders being placed through my mobile app. I wished to handle that. I assumed it would be the same message as postback.
  • sujith
    You won't receive postbacks for the orders placed from Kite Mobile.
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