Mismatch in data from api and websocket

I am using both rest API and websocket for market data, there is a difference in %change data of INDIA VIX in both of them. in REST API it says -4.92 meanwhile in websocket it says -19.92.
  • rakeshr
    {'NSE:INDIA VIX': {'instrument_token': 264969, 'last_price': 20.08}}
    [{'tradable': False, 'mode': 'ltp', 'instrument_token': 264969, 'last_price': 20.08}]
    I just checked both Quote APIs and Websocket data for INDIA VIX(instrument token:264969), and it's showing same. Make sure, you are using the correct instrument token for NSE:INDIA VIX. You can get instrument-related data from daily instrument file.
  • balajibetadur

    this is the response from the kiteconnect REST API
  • balajibetadur

    this is from kiteticker websocket, both have different change values. OR are net_change and change are different value all together? if yes could you please share how can I get % change?
  • rakeshr
    Are net_change and change are different value all together?
    Yes, they are different. net_change is an The absolute change from yesterday's close to last traded price, and change in websocket stream is a % change.
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