Kiteconnect App recovery

I had paid Rs. 2k for 30 days of using Kiteconnect App. I still have about 15 days but I had experimentally deleted the created APP. Ethically, as I have paid for 30days, I should be allowed to create another app for remaining 15 days or recover the deleted app. Zerodha is doing neither and when I went to create a new app it is asking again Rs. 2k. I also have paid Rs. 2k for historical data and more than 27 days are still pending. Any solution is highly appreciated.
  • sujith
    A pop up is shown for confirmation that a debit of 2k will be posted in the account while subscribing for Kite Connect app. Users are expected to type "I understand" and not just a button click.

    If you have deleted app by mistake, you can write to the business team and request for a resolution. You can reach out to them on kiteconnect(at)
  • JP_24
    Dear Sujith, thank you for the reply. But the fact remain that I should be allowed to re-generate API key and access token for the period that I have paid for even if I delete the existing API key. There might be several reason for me to change my API key within the subscription period but at anytime I should be using only one as per your business strategy. I am very disappointed with your approach. We have other broker like Dhan, where the user you can generate as many as API access token as one like, that too without any cost and their API is as stable and high quality as like you. Unfortunately, you are charging unreasonably high amount and again you don't allow to change the API key even during the subscription period. I have treated my Rs.4k as lost and decided to say good bye to Zerodha after using it for more than a year.
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