Capabilities of Kite Publisher.


I am new to this forum. As I know, kite publisher is provide for free to clients. Just want to know the capabilities of Kite publisher.

If it is possible to initiate trade using publisher api's then why it is not possible to perform automated trading using publisher.

Please put enough light on this topic as much as possible.
  • sujith
    Hi @vijay407,
    Kite publisher is just a javascript button to integrate into blogs and websites for placing orders. Kite publisher can only place orders.
    Kite Connect is a full-fledged API which allows an individual to place orders, check orderbook, fetch portfolio, access to live data and more features.
    You can also take a look at documentation for more information.
  • vijay407
    @sujith , Thank you, for the reply.
    Is kite connect available for free to be used by zerodha clients or it is paid? If paid what is the cost?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is a subscription-based service for Zerodha clients only. It will cost you Rs 2000 per month for the base subscription which includes placing orders, fetching portfolio, you can also get access to live market data.
    There is also an add-on subscription with the base subscription(optional) for Historical data which will also cost you Rs2000 per month.
  • vijay407

    Is there a trial period or test environment, wherein retail traders can test there code before actually subscribing to the service?

    Also 2000 per month from a retailer perspective looks very costly. For retail traders, it would be better to charge per trade.
  • sujith
    We don't have sandbox environment yet, it is on our list. We will provide it soon.

    Please take look at this thread to know more about API pricing.
  • vijay407
    @sujith, @nithin
    Zerodha's major client base is retailers is what I assume..
    So from a majority retailier perspective, most of us would fall under the trading capital of less than 2 lakh.. So API subscription cost seems huge.. May be it should be trade based instead. Only then majority client who have programming knowledge would be onboard and use it. Rest is Zerodha's decision!
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