Can we place orders on multiple stocks at the same time ?

Hello All,
I am basically a pair / basket trader . I wanted to know if coded on python , does Kite connect have the ability to place these orders of buy/sell on 2-3 stocks at the same time ? or is kite's capacity limited to only focusing on one stock at a time ?

  • sujith
    HI @BigFudge,
    You can place only one order at a time, you can write a loop and place orders.
  • BigFudge
    Hi sujith,
    Currently my codes do the analysis and generate a buy and sell single for a pair of stocks together in python. Now what u mean by creating a loop for the orders.
    Would this be a additional oder execution code which we will be writing using kite python library?
    And my buy and sell single is created on a basket of stocks so if a buy is created.
    It generally means.. Buy 1lot of nifty
    Sell 1lot of infy
    And sell 1lot of TCS .
    Would love some kind of clarification form the kite team
  • sujith
    It will be something like this,

    basket = [orders]

    for(i = 0; i < basket.length; i++){
    You can take a look at python documentation here for more information.
  • BigFudge
    BigFudge edited March 2017
    Ah , thats what I was looking for . Thanks a ton sujith .

    Also , I wanted to know . If i code it in python , can i run the stratergy on a virtual platform like how they do it in robotrader or symphony ?
    only then we will get a realistic look on the slippage and the bugs in the codes ..
    does kite connect have anything like that ?

    and also what is the time lagg between single generation and order execution ?
  • sujith
    We don't have sandbox environment. It is on our list, as of now our priority is revamping of core API.
    As of now, the feasible solution would be placing orders post-market which will be rejected but you can see orders in the order book.
    what is the time lagg between single generation and order execution ?
    Can you elaborate?
  • BigFudge
    Oh. Sir then how do people test their codes and check how it would work in the love markets?
    Pretty sure people won't risk their capital.. Plus the fees for kite API with data feeds is pretty high. 4k, where as robotrader charges 3.5k with API and data and also give a virtual testing environment.
  • sujith
    Check out this thread for more information about pricing.
    Our brokerage is Rs 20 or 0.01% whichever is less for intra-day and delivery orders are free.

    As mentioned above, we will provide sandbox environment. As of now, you can place orders after market hours.
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