How to get client id after registering in kite connect.

I have signed up with kite connect and created App. I can see my API_KEY and API_SECRETE key.

Now when I trying to login using API :

It redirects me to :
Where it ask for ClientID and Password.

I don't get my ClientID or Password in any mail. Should I register with zerodha as well? How to get my client ID
  • sujith
    Hi @Hardik,
    You need to open an account with Zerodha and it involves submitting identity proof, PAN, income proof, etc.
    Private message me your full name, email id and phone number, someone from our team will get in touch with you to open an account.
  • Hardik
    @sujith - Thank you for replying. Let me explain my actual need here

    I am developer and I have to develop application where I can show SENSEX and NIFTY index on daily basis. I don't need to do any transaction and don't need to push any data. Is it necessary to register with Zerodha for fetching just raw data?
  • haribabu
    Then you have come to wrong place.

    You need to get to data vendors. like globaldatafeeds. They will give data.

    This is only for traders who have trading account with Zerodha.
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