Historic Data

I have following questions.
1. What are the charges for historic data ?is it fixed monthly cost or its charged as request ?
2. What is the maximum date range for which we can fetch data ? e.g. on NSE website, we can fetch data only for 365 days, is there any restriction like that ?
3. lets assume I am fetching data @ 11 AM and I want to fetch data for the same day for intraday trading for the interval of 15 mins. Is it possible ? OR only current day -1 day data is available ?
  • sujith
    Hi @conquistadorjd,
    1. Historical data subscription is Rs2000 per month. It is fixed and not based on usage.
    2. You can get minute data for 8 to 10 months for equity and day's data till 2005 for NSE and 2008 for BSE.
    3. Currently, we don't have time-based historical data fetch API, you will have to fetch current day's data.
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