Python APIs

I am sorry but have a very basic question.
Is kite connect is only for building trading custom app?
Can I have a simple python script which can do following :-
(i) Places Order.
(ii) Retrieves realtime data.
(iii) Retrieves historical data.

  • sujith
    Hi @MadhuSingh,
    You can do all of this. Kite Connect for individuals allows access to all functionalities mentioned here for one account.
  • MadhuSingh
    MadhuSingh edited April 2017
    Thanks Sujith for information.
    I was confused with
    You are issued an api_key + api_secret pair and you have to register a redirect url (HTTPS) where a user is sent after the login flow.
    So if I understood correctly, I need to know what is redirect url if I am trying to use APIs from my custom app which is a python script and can i automate this so that when I launch my python script it performs all automated authentication.
    Means can i automate or feed only once following information in my script ( or some configuration param)
    (i) api_key
    (ii) api_secret
    (iii) request token
    (iv) request access toke.
  • sujith
    Hi @MadhuSingh,
    It is mandatory by the exchange that a trader must login manually at least once a day. It is not recommended to automate login.
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