Can the APIs work on saturday and sunday for testing other stuff other than order placing

Just starting off. I have just created my kite java app. trying to connect getting KiteNoNetworkException
Is this obvious on saturday and sunday ?

  • Umashankar
    just able to progress with login process.

    but for each run , do i need to get access_token again and again?

    For the first run , I'm able to get the responses for margins, holdings etc.,
    the subsequent run with same access_token getting Invalid session credentials

    Please help.

  • sujith
    Hi @Umashankar,
    Once you get access_token, it is valid till next trading session.

    Don't make an API call for requestAccessToken every time you run your app.
  • Umashankar
    Thanks Sujith for quick response

    will try removing code for requestAccessToken
  • anu48
    anu48 edited January 2022
    @sujith is there any way to test the api's and ticker service on weekends ?
  • sujith
    The APIs are available but you won't be able to place orders and see ticks. Basically, you will have to play around by placing amos.
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