Historic futures data

I would like to subscribe for historic api. Prior to that i would like to know whether its possible to get past data (candles of 1min) of futures (say AXIS MAY 2016 future) via historic api?
  • sujith
    Hi @Prathap,
    Exchange reuses instrument tokens once it is expired, on KiteConnect users send token to fetch historical data. Right now it is not possible to fetch data for expired contracts. In future, we have plans to provide it.
  • Prathap
    Exchange reuses instrument tokens?? Isn't it zerodha should be having complete data (in your database) to provide the same via historic api?
  • sujith
    We do have data. Kite Connect APIs serves historical data based on instrument tokens.
    We will come up with some alternate solution soon. Right now, we have frozen developing new features till we finish revamp of core APIs.
  • Prathap
    oh ok. Thank you!!
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