BUY button, instead of SELL button renders

I've integrated Kite Publisher on my mobile web-site. I'm testing the mobile web-site, on my desktop, using Chrome.

I'm generating buttons dynamically using Java script.

I'm placing a sell order, like so:

var order = {}; = "NSE";
order.order_type = "MARKET";
order.quantity = 5;
order.tradingsymbol = "EXIDEIND";
order.transation_type = "SELL";
kiteConnect.finished(function (status, request_token) { });
When the button, with id set to "sell-exideind" renders, it is labeled "BUY", instead of "SELL". What do I do label it "SELL"?
  • sujith
    Hi @fortunetrail,
    I guess you have to change the transaction_type spelling. By default, it labels button as "BUY".
  • fortunetrail
    Hi Sujit:
    What should the spelling be:
    1. order.transactionType?
    2. order.transaction_type ?
    3. order.transactionType?
  • fortunetrail
    Hi Sujit:
    Please ignore my previous mail. I finally recognized the spelling mistake.
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