websocket subscribe, unsubscribe, mode

Lets say I have 10 instruments and I want to have a single websocket call for those. Therefore I use

message = {"a": "mode", "v": ["full", [408065, 884737,....upto 10 different instrument token]]};

After sometime I want to unsubscribe 5 of those so I call,

message = {"a": "unsubscribe", "v": [408065, 884737,...3more instrument token]};

Is it 'ok' or do I need to call "subscribe" too? What does subscribe give me if I use "subscribe" in place of "mode"?
  • sujith
    Hi @Santosh,
    Ideally set mode is to change mode of data like change mode from modeFULL to modeQUOTE or modeLTP.
    You need subscribe to get live market data.
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