HTTP-rate limiting the trade calls

@sujith I am seeing multiple failures on buy/sell trade API calls because of http-rate limiting (3 per second). The system fires many trades at the same time (due to multiple algos running independently),

As you can see, it take multiple attempts to get the trades through. This happens within 10 seconds or so, but the slippage becomes a serious problem.

So this limit works against the very purpose of the system, both for you as well as the traders.

I would request that you remove the http rate limitation for trade APIs (buy/sell calls) and apply the limit only for other non-critical API calls.
  • haribabu
    This limitation on order placement, modifying and cancellation is major issue everyone facing.

    Hope Zerodha gets some solution for this. At least need to increase the queue.

    Also do not know what happens if it is in queue and we want to cancel?
  • sujith
    Can you print error message with each failure?
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