That API call is not allowed for the authenticated user

I have the credits and have created my 1st app of type - KITE CONNECT + PUBLISHER

API_KEY = xnhcsbz2vdd53emv

However I am getting the below mentioned error when trying to call the api - kite.request_access_token(request_token, api_secret)​

PermissionException​: That API call is not allowed for the authenticated user​: That API call is not allowed for the authenticated user​

Please help fixing the issue.
  • sujith
    Hi @alokrm,
    A KiteConnect app is enabled for only one client id. You need to use same client id that you have used while creating the app.
  • alokrm
    Hi Sujith
    I am using the same client id to login as the one used while creating the app. However one thing I noticed that the created app says "This app doesn't require any permissions." during authorization.
    Not sure if this is related.
  • haribabu

    ask dumb heads not to publish API Keys in public forums.

    I wonder how these guys become programmers. These are the guys who give holes to hackers.
  • alokrm
    @haribabu you may be the next mark zuckerberg with your programming skills without any clue/suggestion on the posted issue but quick to demonstrate how ill mannered you are.
  • haribabu
    Guys like you are the reason for imposition of restrictions on number of API calls in kite Connect server.

    In what sense publishing your API KEY here will resolve your issue?
  • alokrm
    @haribabu - Sir, any idea on the issue, other than just finger pointing and just talking like a web security expert. If googling does not compromise your security, please google with the subject line of this post and read the 1st search result from the forum to find your answer.

    I am here to get help from the learned people who has knowledge on the issue I am facing and not for a conversation of this level.
  • alokrm
    @sujith could you plz help with the issue.
  • sujith
    Hi @alokrm,
    There was some permission issue. We have revoked it. Can you check now?

    PS: Please don't put you app specific details on forum threads. If you have to post app specific details then use private message feature on this forum.
  • alokrm
    @sujith I am still getting the same response as below -
    (, PermissionException(u'That API call is not allowed for the authenticated user',), )
  • sujith
    Closing this as it is resolved now.
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