order execution and webhooks


Lets say, I have submitted an order and the webhook postback url is local machine from which the order got initiated. Now lets say the user got disconnected for a short duration, during which the postback message was initiated from the OMS server.

What will happen once the user gets connected again? Do I need to have a system to ensure that post-back messages don't get missed? are there any drawbacks if I retrieve order history and update orderbook?
  • sujith
    Hi @Santosh,
    Postbacks are like simple notification to Kite Connect clients for the order status update wherein we make a post request to given endpoint, if it fails then you will loose it.
    Order book update is not bound to postbacks, order book will be updated even if you don't receive postback.

    The basic idea behind this is users don't have to keep polling order book for order status update instead, users can fetch order book once they get postback.
  • Santosh
    Thanks. Makes life easier.
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