Request to improve Kite on following aspects

Hi Zerodha Team,
I am a big fan of KITE and using it in day to day basis. I observe , we really need following things to make it more user friendly.

1) While adding a 'Study', Please add a search box similar to what we have in Pi. Having such a s rich list of indicators, and not able to search it with a keyword is a pain.

2) Volume is a critical part of analysis, we see that some volume indicators are provided but still we need to give more attention to this aspect as follows:
2a) The volume bar chart study is row data, we should be able to put a Moving average (Simple or Expo) in the Volume bar chart section itself.
2b) 'Normalized volume' as additional pointer could also be great help for analysis.

3) Study Indicator ' Intraday Intensity' is a much needed indicator thats not available on Zerodha. This indicator was developed by Dave Bostian and its a volume based indicator that depicts the flow of funds for a security according to where it closes in its high and low range. I understand its on the line of Accumulation/ Distribution but when i study the results are extremely positive for intraday intensity as compared to AD.

4) In the Market watch profiles, zerodha has proved many predefined market watches. But we need one predefined market watch for all valid 'F&O' STOCKS , so as we could apply one screeners, filter or stratey to all f&o stocks.
Currentky we have limit of 20 on each manual marketwatch, so we have to create multiple screeners / analysis to cover the entire f&o scope. so ONE Equity market watch with all valid F&O stocks for the day will be off great help.

please consider these points in your next upgrade list.


  • sujith
    Hi Pramod,
    This forum is dedicated only for Kite Connect related queries. Please send a mail to feedback(at)
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