Urgent - Zerodha System - Very slow transaction response time

Today (June 22 2017), I placed an order in MCX - zerodha order id = 170622000825318. I got the order stages using Nest Trader, which are as follows:-

1. Status "put order req received" had a timestamp of 20:00:02.289522.
2. Status "Validation pending" had a timestamp of 20:00:07.114890.
3. At 20:00:07.127208, the status became "open" with an "exchange entry time" of 20:00:07
4. At 20:00:07.128459, order was complete with an "exchange entry time" of 20:00:07.

I have a screen shot of Nest Trader showing all the details. From the order details, it appears that after the order was received by Zerodha system, it took approximately 5 secs before the order was sent to Exchange, whereas, the exchange took almost negligible time in executing the transaction.

Please, look into this at the highest priority. I have faced this slow response time consistently before also. Today, I captured all details so that Zerodha can identify the problem and resolve it. I love Zerodha and have been a loyal intra-day customer, who has spent a lot of money in trading. Such slow response time is not at all acceptable when a commodity goes through a rally.


  • sujith
    Hi Nisha,
    Thank you for notifying. We will look into this.
  • mn1234
    Any progress? My trading activity is getting affected by this issue. Please, tell me if you have identified the problem and if it will be resolved, then by when it will be resolved. I need to plan my trading activities as per the answers I receive from you. As such, by nature, this issue must be a high priority issue, whereas, I have not heard back yet - a 5 sec delay in a market order is a matter of concern. Thanks.
  • sujith
    Hi Nisha,
    There was some temporary glitch on OMS that day. It is very unlikely that it will happen again.
  • mn1234
    like I said, I faced same problem consistently before also at least 3-4 times. All the times, there was a rally in market and every time my trade happened at 8:07 seconds - OMS taking 4-5 seconds before sending transaction to MCX. I place transaction in time, whereas, my transaction gets executed/completed at the end of rally causing me significant loss. This is very serious for me. Please, make sure of the problem. It should not happen tomorrow again. I will be trading near about the same time.
    1. What if it happens again tomorrow?
    2. What is average execution time in OMS?
  • khushisoni894
    Happened with me too several on different dates then the date mentioned by Nisha. I tried to get timestamps of detailed order stages from [email protected] but nothing was provided. I had logged order placement time in my program so knew that there was delay of 4-5 seconds. Both times orders got executed at 8:07 seconds. Below is the detail of orders in question:-

    1. Order ID 170614000697706 (date 06/14) completed at 20:00:07, ticket number #936653
    2. Order ID 170615000749951 (date 06/15) completed at 20:00:07, ticket number #394790

    I incurred huge losses, whereas, if transactions were completed in 1-2 seconds, I would have made huge profits.


    I need to escalate my issue to next level. Not getting any info from [email protected], whereas, I had opened ticket in the same nights of transactions. Ticket numbers are above with order details. As per MCX guidelines, MCX member is supposed to retain proof of placing of order by client. Why am I being denied information? Please, look into the tickets. I have faced delay more times than the two times mentioned above. I started acting starting with these two.

    I am a high frequency high volume customer and never expected what has happened and is happening in zerodha OMS and even in support. The above orders are 100 lot crude and 16 lot Natural Gas. And, that kind of volume was routine for me unless the system continues to be slow, in which case, I have to think 100 times before placing an order.
  • khushisoni894
    Another concerning thing is - why order gets stuck and gets completed right at 20:00:07 irrespective of when order was placed after 8 PM. This is very serious issue. After I did a lot of asking for info at zerodha support, latest strange thing that has happened with me is that my order id 170622000825311 placed on 22/06/2017, did not show separate detailed execution times via getOrder call. All stages and even exchange time were set to 20:00:00. My program placed sell order when market price was 188.50. Accordingly having 50 paisa trigger difference, trigger of 189 was placed in the order. Order executed at Rs. 185.10 with trigger at 189. System showed all times as 20:00:00 so does my contract note. The fact is that at 20:00:00 price was not even 185.10. Rather it was 188.50 or so. Please, look into this also.
    1. If my transaction got executed at 20:00:00, why was the order price 185.10 and why not 188.50, which was the market price at 20:00:00?
    2. How come all of a sudden, I do not get detailed times of an order anymore?
  • sujith
    Hi Pooja, Nisha,
    The glitch was on OMS side. We have asked them to do some changes to fix the issue you guys are facing. I think now you won't face the same issue. Please try it and let us know if the issue persists.
  • khushisoni894
    Hi Sujith,

    Glad to know that you identified and work was done to fix the same...I am not comfortable with your answer, though. I wish to trade 100 lots of crude tomorrow. If the problem persists, I will come down at least by 1 lac rupee. On the other hand, if problem is solved, I will make at least a lac. I need to know for sure whether issue is completely fixed or not and if I can do 100 lots. Any testing should be performed by Zerodha and not by means of real transactions of clients. Please, tell me good news and confirmation that I can go ahead with 100 lots and can expect reasonable response time. Also, what is the turn-around time I can expect? Once system gets a put-order request, how much time after that for completion of a market order or how much time in OMS internal processing before sending to exchange? Looking forward to your answers. I am excited once again. Please, do the best possible in relation to execution times of transactions.


  • botany02
    botany02 edited June 2017
    Below is the average time taken from Order Place to Order Confirmation(Client-->OMS-->Exch-->OMS-->Client).

    PiBridge - 40ms
    Nest Plus - 40ms
    Kite Connect - 200ms

    P.S. The above is when the OMS is not having much load. During volatility/spikes..Your order put in a very long queue..result in delayed execution.Refer this link TradingQnA

  • khushisoni894
    I Read the TradingQnA. Back to square one now. Please, see Sujith mentioning that a fix was done to OMS. What is that fix about? Tell me a but in detail so that I can think of its impact on performance. I myself am a computer engineer. I have given order IDs, with which there was delay of 4-5 secs. Order ID 170614000697706 (date 06/14) completed at 20:00:07. If you can get to the following info, it will help in making judgment of the work load and also to determine if the bottleneck is beyond control:-

    For each second from 20:00:00 till 20:00:15 - number of total orders processed.

    I believe the above order of mine was placed at the time when rally/volatility had just begun. In other words, I do not think there could have been 5000 orders prior to the above order causing a 5 sec delay. Please, dig the data and find the stat (stated above) for the case of this particular order. This will help ensure that there is not some other issue. Also, it will give me enough info to make a judgment of trading or not in a particular instance of time.
  • khushisoni894
    By the way, Order ID 170615000749951 (date 06/15), which completed at 20:00:07 was placed when there was no volatility and it was placed around 20:00:01 or so, I believe. The delay in this could not be due to workload. Therefore, there must have been another issue, which hopefully, Sujith got fixed. This order is even better to dig more into.
  • sujith
    Hi @khushisoni894,
    There was a process which would dump data during commodity market, this process was slowing orders down around the hour mark.
    This has been fixed now, everything happens after market close.
  • khushisoni894
    Expensive IO. Very nice Sujith on finding the issue and getting it fixed.
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