Web based kite application Vs desktop application

Hello guys.

I wanted to know under what conditions is a web based application preferred and in which scenario is a desktop application better.

It would help me decide which platform to create my kite API for automating trades. Also I recently got contacted by someone who said, he created a chrome based app for kite API and since he chose this way, instead of desktop version, he doesn't have to pay Rs 2000 monthly subscription fee for data feed. Is this even possible. Please let me know your thoughts.
  • sujith
    Hi @Magnum,
    If you want to only place orders then you can use Kite publisher. It is just a javascript buttons for placing orders. You can check out documentation here.
    Kite publisher is free.

    If you want to do anything else like accessing orderbook, positions or margins then you need Kite Connect app.
    Kite Connect app will cost you Rs2000 per month.
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