Bracket Order: cancel unfilled entry quantity without exiting the filled portion of the order

I have placed bracket orders for say 100 shares. Say 60 shares have been executed in multiple lots and the SL-M and Limit orders against these filled positions have been automatically placed by Kite. Now, I want to cancel unfilled position of remaining 40 shares while not exiting the filled position of 60 shares.

The use case is that I want to enter using BO. However, I want to create new positions only till 10 am. At 10 am, whatever positions are created I will run with it, however, I want to cancel all unfilled entry orders.

When I try to cancel the parent_order_id, then the entire BO order is exited. I dont want that.
  • sujith
    Hi @skk,
    In the above scenario, you can cancel first leg order by sending order cancel request and set order variety as 'bo'.
    Since first leg order is parent order, you don't need to send parent_order_id.
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