Historical data is not ready even after 5-10 seconds after 5 mins passed

i am trying to query historical data intraday
with a timer of 5 minutes query the historical API, still the candale data for OHLC not avaialble
for ex:at 9:55:05 query for 9:50 candle data in not available

same for one minute candle also
looks like some delay required for the data to be available in server?
  • dee
    I am seeing the same issues. I get a NaN which messes up all my trading signals. Can someone from the KITE team recommend a minimum buffer time after which the signals can be expected to be reliable?
  • Vivek
    @jana1234 It might take several seconds before you can get the candle for previous time frame. Its usually around 30-40 seconds but its not always same.

    @dee You shouldn't be getting NaN. Can you please post the chart api response here (just the candle where it was NaN).
  • dee
    dee edited August 2017
    Hello @vivek ,

    I am accessing the data through python. I requested the data for the instrument id 271363, and here's the data from the dataframe i recieved:

    2017-08-09 14:35:00 63.967503
    2017-08-09 14:40:00 63.967503
    2017-08-09 14:45:00 63.969997
    2017-08-09 14:50:00 63.977497
    2017-08-09 14:55:00 NaN

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