Missing leg order for BO order

jvimal8080 edited September 2017 in General
I placed BO order via API on BANKBARODA(order id : 170914000168958).
I observed that 2 stoploss orders were generated on basis of quantity filled, however there was only 1 target order generated having partial quantity.
I observed this behavior for BO when placed from Kite also(I called support but received no response).
Can you please check and let me know if there is any issue.
  • sujith
    Hi @jvimal8080,
    It looks like the case of self-trade wherein you are buyer and seller.
    If your stop-loss and target are not far away then after taking the position if there is no buyer and seller then your order will be the best bid and best offer which results in self-trade.

    It is always better to give stop-loss and target little far.
  • jvimal8080
    If you look closely BANKBARODA BUY BO(170914000168958) was executed with 2 trades at 9:35:26, with respect to 2 trades as per BO functionality 4 orders were supposed to be generated(2 stoploss and 2 trigger). But only 3 trades were placed(2 stoploss and 1 target).
    Stoploss orders :
    170914000168959 , 170914000168961
    Target order:
    Difference between stoploss and target is 1.5%. This is not look close.

    The self trade position(SELL BO) which you mentioned was executed later on(around 10:41), at the time of execution of BUY BO no self trade position existed.

    Please check once again.
  • sujith
    Hi @jvimal8080,
    When you are placing a bracket order, stop-loss and target are not placed at the limit price you have entered instead it will be placed according to the price at which order got executed.
    The Same scenario has happened for both of the bracket orders. The only difference was one was long and another was short.
    In case of a normal order, you can see that order and it will be cancelled with the reason being self-trade whereas, in case of bracket order, the target order will not be placed at all. Hence you can see only three (second leg) orders for both bracket orders.
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