Order price modification failed with no failure message

On 14/09 I placed PUT request for price modification of 3 child orders of a BO order.
PUT request was placed in following sequence of order IDs mentioned.

1. 170914000168959
2. 170914000168961
3. 170914000168960

What happened was that I received success message for all 3 PUT requests but price was modified only for 2 and 3 request, trigger price remained same after request completion for 1st modify.

Please check and update.
  • sujith
    Hi @jvimal8080,
    If an order-modify request is successful then it means the order-modify request is placed successfully. After that, there will be some RMS checks after which order is modified. If RMS checks fail then order won't be updated. You can check order status logs in getOrder() API call. You can also get orderbook and check the status_message field
    Order status logs can be checked only on the same day. Please make sure to inform us on the same day.
  • jvimal8080
    Today again order price modification failed for multiple orders. This time its OMS error.
    Following is one of the orders.
    Order ID : 170918000109119
    response code : 500
    response data : {"status": "error", "message": "Invalid HTTP status from OMS (404)", "error_type": "NetworkException"}

    If required I can provide order status history as well.
    Please check and update.
  • sujith
    I see that you have modified that order once and it is successful.
    Can you check now? There was some issue with OMS and it is fixed now.
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