Kite trade app is disabled


My trade api is disabled right now. Called multiple time to zerodha support and also sent mail from registered maill address to [email protected]

Sent direct message to sujit and kailash fir the same with registered mobile / mail with zerodha customer id.

Please provide update.
  • sujith
    Hi @krtrader,
    While reactivating the app postback URL validation is failing for your app.
    Make sure your postback setup is up and working fine.

    The error message is "The postback URL could not be reached. Please make sure the port is 80 or 443".
  • krtrader
    Please make pistback url empty while reactivating it. Ill change it later.
    I have changed the postback url.
    Please let me know if this can't be done then ill re configure old postback url
  • sujith
    Hi @krtrader,
    Can you check? It is active now.
  • krtrader
    Thanks. It's activated now after chasing your team since morning
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