PHP API : How To place BO via php kiteconnect?

sachinstlko09 edited September 2017 in PHP client
I want to place Bracket Order. Can any one guide which attributes like tradingsymbol, quantity are necessary to place BO with respect to API?

And in BO, stoploss and target is necessary to place, how can we place them via API?

  • sujith
    Hi @sachinstlko09,
    We don't have php example for placing bracket order.
    You can check out java example.
  • sachinstlko09
    sachinstlko09 edited September 2017
    Getting this issue at the time of placing bracketorder via API
    Uncaught GeneralException (404) 'Route not found'

    Why this error is coming? How can I resolve it.
  • sujith
    Check the variety param. It must be 'bo'.
  • sachinstlko09
    Following are my order placing value of BO. Please check. Is there any issue?

    "tradingsymbol" => "SBIN",
    "exchange" => "NSE",
    "quantity" => 1,
    "transaction_type" => "BUY",
    "order_type" => "LIMIT",
    "product" => "MIS",
    "price" => "252.38",
    "squareoff_value" => "0.27",
    "stoploss_value" =>"0.27",
    "validity" => "DAY",
    "variety" => "BO"
  • sujith
    sujith edited September 2017
    "variety" => "BO" - wrong
    "variety" => "bo" - correct
  • sachinstlko09
    As per my understanding, in the case of Bracket URL, there is no need of POST back url. As there will be nothing to do after the bracket order execution.
  • sujith
    It depends on your requirement. If you don't want postback then don't set it up.
    Please open a new thread for new queries. It might help others.
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