Frequent Logout and RTD streaming interuptions

@sujith, @botany02
Today I am facing frequent interruption of logging out (User Not Logged In) and even when logged in, the data is not streaming. Like even for indices the streaming pauses for 5 - 7 seconds. This is happening today. No changes in code, or connectivity from my end. What is the problem?
  • sujith
    We haven't received any complaints regarding this. The same live streaming API is used across the platform.
    I would suggest check your setup and make sure you are not blocking main thread while processing ticks.
  • Ones
    The RTD streaming lags in between sometimes more than 5 seconds quite frequently.
  • botany02
    May be, the order status checking loop causing this.
    We will be releasing a new version with post-back support and other features.
    With new release, hope most of the issues will be resolved.
  • Ones
    Ones edited November 2017
    No, even before calling the any order status function in the day it happens. I can understand that calling the order status frequently may create some loop. But still it happens intermittently before that too. Release the new version at the earliest.
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