Permissions from SEBI to do automated algorithmic trading live in the markets

Hi, I have developed the algorithm to live trade in the indian stocks markets(NSE,BSE) automatically. I also have the Equity Derivatives Series 8 certificate. What are the next steps for get that algorithm approved from SEBI.
  • sujith
    Hi @ayush,
    Please send a mail to talk(at) someone from our team will get back to you.
  • ayush
    Hi @sujith ,
    I have send the mail at the mail id mentioned above. Haven't been contacted yet. Please do it ASAP
  • ramatius
    Hi @ayush , It is a grey area, whether to get permission for Automated Trading. The very existence of kite API indicates that it may not be mandatory to get SEBI approval for AT. Many other brokers now offer AT APIs. It is worthwhile to search the forum for Nithin's comments on this - there are several discussions available already.
  • sauravkedia
    I got a very sensible view on it yesterday. If algo trading something which your are doing along with regular work/job, then even if there a problem later, it maynot hit you badly. But if it is primary profession, best to get it approvals in place. You don't really want to expose your business to an avoidable risk.
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