18th Oct 2017 - Volume Data: Streaming(Websockets)

Hello Team,

As per my observation, on 18th Oct 2017, the "volume traded for the day" value was wrong for almost every stock. I am saying so because in most of the cases, the value didn't increase in consecutive ticks. And practically, this would be considered wrong data because as per my understanding, this value should increase with every tick.

Also I think, if this value is not increasing, I shouldn't be getting any ticks at all (as evidently no new trades have taken place).

Please confirm if this was the case and if there was some issue at your/NSE's end on 18th Oct 2017. Also, please let me know if I am going wrong somewhere in my understanding.

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  • sujith
    If you have subscribed in full mode then you will get ticks for every change in bid and ask also.
    We haven't come across this issue. Can you capture it in a file or somewhere and share it with us?
    We will look into this.
  • dev_trader
    dev_trader edited October 2017
    @sujith , Thanks for your inputs.
    Right now, I don't have the data in a very structured and shareable format. But I will try to capture this data in a proper format if the issue occurs next time.
  • dev_trader
    @sujith, I didn't observe this issue again. For now, you can close this discussion. Thanks for your support.
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