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batbark edited October 2017 in General
why isn't trigger price working with bracket order?
when a scrip 'ABC' hits price '123' place an order with stop-loss and a trailing stop-loss. HOW TO???
when placed a box order it is not waiting for the set price rather placing an order at current market price.
The current way is not at all friendly to trade or algo-trade.
  • sujith
    Can you elaborate what is the issue?
    The above post is unclear.
  • batbark
    batbark edited October 2017

    let us say current price of IRB is 215.5. I want to place a bracket order when it hits 217 (intraday).
    To make it happen, I have to make use of trigger price or place a limit order.
    but right now the trigger price for BO isn't working and when I change the PRICE to 217 and place the order, it is executing at current market price i.e., at 215.5 and not a limit order at 217 (even though there is a blue button highlighted on LMT)

    Requirement: all features of Bracket Order + Trigger price

  • sujith
    Hi @batbark,
    That is because the bracket order first leg is of type limit and limit orders don't have trigger price.
    You will have to place all the orders manually.

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