Issues with the ticker data while live streaming

I am having issue with the correctness of the data received from live streaming.
Below is the Nifty Nov Futures data to further explain my issue:
  1. vol:733200, buyQty:502425, sellQty:452775, ltp:10385, time:09:38:37,
  2. vol:733275, buyQty:502500, sellQty:451950, ltp:10384.1, time:09:38:40,
  3. vol:735225, buyQty:503475, sellQty:449250, ltp:10385, time:09:38:42,
  4. vol:736125, buyQty:502875, sellQty:451050, ltp:10385, time:09:38:50,

Q1: Correct me if I am wrong, buyQty represents the quantity of Bid contracts executed and sellQty represent the number of Ask contracts executed while the Volume represents the total quantity traded.
If you look into Ticker1 and 2, you will find that the volume executed within that interval is 75 but if you see the BuyQty and sellQty, it is 75 and 2625 respectively. Can you please explain me the correlation between these 2 attributes? This inconsistency is throughout the ticker data received.

Q2: How can I get the openInterest value in an option?
  • sujith
    Hi @sashiks1009,
    A trade can happen only when a buyer and seller price match. For every sell, there is a buy and vice versa.
    Total buy quantity is the total bid quantity and total sell quantity is the total ask quantity.

    You can get open interest in get quote API.
  • sashiks1009
    Hi @sujith ,
    Thanks for answering, but based on your point, the value of all buyQnty, SellQty and Vol should be same. But it isnt. Could you please elaborate your point?
  • sujith
    Hi @sashiks1009,
    Total buy quantity and total sell quantity doesn't refer to the executed orders.
    At any point of time during market hours, there will be lakhs pending orders. Total buy quantity is the sum of the quantity of all the buy orders and total sell quantity is the sum of the quantity of all the sell orders.
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