Amibroker to Kite Connect API


How can we integrate kite connect api with amibroker.

I only want to push orders and exit orders from amibroker.

All analysis is done in amibroker.
If anyone can explain the process , it would be awesome.
  • sujith
    Hi @mrudul123,
    You can add Kite Connect package into your project.
    Once you get value after analysis, you can just call PlaceOrder method.
  • mrudul123
    mrudul123 edited November 2017

    awesome brother.

    1. how to add package to Amibroker ?
    2. Is kitexl a COM library or Kitedotnet a COM library ???

    Please tell in few steps so others Can view and take this discussion as a reference for amibroker.
    Thanks .
  • bobbydreamsforu
    Hi.. I’m interested in stocks & Algo trading. I have KITE API. Is it possible to fire orders from AMIBROKER through KITE API. How to feed data in AMIBROKER. How to integrate AMIBROKER and KITE API. I’d like to completely auto my trading process. Can you help me in this?? Thanks in advance. Satish +91 8885227220
  • ashoksinhaaa
    I would like to register on Nest Plus. How to proceed with it?
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