getOHLC() API gives incorrect close price


I called getOHLC() API using java client today at 8.45 AM.
The return values of API should give OHLC of yesterday (9th Nov). All values are fine but the close price is incorrect.
I got below values at 8.45 AM today
LUPIN token: 2672641 LTP: 830.45 Open: 851.0 High: 854.0 Low: 827.65 Close: 841.25

I can see this close price is of 8th Nov 2017.
Why it is showing close price of 8th Nov instead of 9th Nov?
It faced this problem today only, earlier it was working fine.
  • krtrader
    Can anyone please reply?
    Due to this incorrect close price, my algo created wrong buy signals.
  • sujith
    Hi @krtrader,
    Every day morning at 04:00 hrs, it will change from the day before yesterday's close to yesterday's close.
    We will investigate and get back to you.
  • krtrader
    Hi @sujith

    I am facing same problem today also.
    getOHLC() show incorrect Close price at 8.45 AM
    It shows close price of 15th Nov instead of 16th Nov

    PEL token: 617473 LTP: 2575.85 Open: 2563.0 High: 2598.0 Low: 2563.0 Close: 2566.4
    COLPAL token: 3876097 LTP: 1038.3 Open: 1047.0 High: 1050.0 Low: 1021.3 Close: 1040.65
    INFRATEL token: 7458561 LTP: 384.65 Open: 381.1 High: 392.5 Low: 380.35 Close: 377.65
    INFY token: 408065 LTP: 988.4 Open: 951.8 High: 995.9 Low: 948.5 Close: 951.8
    BOSCHLTD token: 558337 LTP: 19258.45 Open: 19210.0 High: 19359.35 Low: 19000.0 Close: 19205.8
    BHARTIARTL token: 2714625 LTP: 489.9 Open: 489.0 High: 494.9 Low: 481.15 Close: 486.75
    BAJAJFINSV token: 4268801 LTP: 4984.75 Open: 4949.0 High: 5009.35 Low: 4905.05 Close: 4902.65

    This is the second time I am facing the issue. Last time you told that you will investigate, but no response yet
    This destroyed my algo calculation second time, not sure how many time will this repeat in future.

  • krtrader
    Are you guys really interested to address issues on this portal?
  • sujith
    Can you let us know if this is happening every day or any pattern?
  • akhileshKhajuria
    Still giving wrong Close Value.

    But on 3rd June Tata Motors actually closed on 175 not 172.60
    On the previous trading session, it, however, closed on 172.60
  • sujith
    The get quote will return yesterday's close. You will see today's close tomorrow morning after 07:00 AM.
  • akhileshKhajuria
    akhileshKhajuria edited June 2019
    So how can I get today's closing price after market close before tomorrow 7am?
    My app needs those closing prices as soon as the market closes.
  • sujith
    You can get it from the NSE BHAV copy.
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