Two LIMIT orders created for BO order, instead of one SL-M and one LIMIT

Kanchana edited November 2017 in Kite Publisher
Two limit order were created for a bracket order instead of one stop_lost and one limit order.
Parent Order: 171110000884799,
Child Orders: 171110000886705, 171110000886706
This error repeated for nearly 8-9 orders consistently.

Also another issue
For parent order 171110000907402, there are 4 child orders generated.
Child orders: 171110000910807,171110000910808, 171110000910822, 171110000910823.

Let me know if this is known issue

  • Kanchana
    any updates?
  • Kanchana
    @sujith could you please go through the above orders and let me know if there are any mistakes from my side.
  • sujith
    Please report order errors on the same day. Order status logs what you get from API is cleared after BOD process and from the next day, we will only have order logs with us.
    If you come across the LIMIT order for second leg orders, please let us know on the same day. We will check and get back to you.

    If a bracket order gets executed in two trades then there can be four second-leg orders.
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