Issue in Previous Working Day OHLC value

Using the following URL to get the OHLC value:

But it return wrong previous day OHLC value. Please any one correct it.
  • sujith
    Can you elaborate where it is going wrong?
  • sachinstlko09
    Today is 17 th nov, I want OHLC value of 16 th november 15:15 PM.
    For SBIN (NSE), It returns

    When I referred the chart , the value of SBIN (NSE) at 16 th November 15:15 PM,
  • sujith
    getOHLC will return day's data and not minutes candle data.
  • sachinstlko09
    I need exactly previous working day value at 15:15. Please guide me how can I use getOHLC function to get the desired data.
  • sujith
    Whatever value you get in getOHLC is correct, on charts 17th November 2017 candle will have today's close and since markets are not closed, it keeps updating to the last price of the instrument.

    In order to verify you need to look at 16th November 2017 candle and not 17th November candle.
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