In this C# program, how to get access token? it is hard-coded

rockiyogi Sample/Program.cs

When we run this project in .net we need to set API key,Secret and token. First two are availble. How to get access token?
  • tonystark
    AccessToken is collected using RequestAccessToken function.

    This value is then set to the global variable so that user can reuse it and don't have to do log in again.

    Watch this webinar to know more about login flow.
  • rockiyogi
    Dear Sir,
    Getting exception
    Unable to parse the response. Use ResponseData property to get original response. <- exception

    While calling User user = kite.RequestAccessToken(requestToken, MySecret); this method

    I am getting requestToken value from kite.GetLoginURL() metthod call.

    Still i am getting exception on excecuting following line - User user = kite.RequestAccessToken(requestToken, MySecret);
  • sujith
    The request token is valid for only couple of minutes and can be used only once.

    You can run in debug mode and give us logs with exception type and response.
  • rockiyogi
    Done.. Now working thanks..!!
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