Multiple Account Login


I have a need to login multiple accounts fro my pc. So I have created a webpage that starts the login url for each api_key I have. However post logging in with the first api_key, if I start a new webpage with login url for a different api_key I get the below error message in the browser. Do I need to clear browser cookies or something to allow for further users to login? What am I missing here?
"error_type": "ForbiddenError",
"message": "The user is not enabled on the app.",
"status": "error"
  • razcads
    If you have a way to do this without having to open the link in different browsers let me know. Otherwise you can close this query.
  • sujith
    Either you can clear cookie and log in using another API key or you need to use another browser and incognito window.
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