Historical data Inconsistency

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Hi @sujith, @Kailash ,

1)Today we faced some inconsistency in KITE Historical data API, till 2PM I noticed this in these 4 scrips ZEEL,POWERGRID,TITAN and BERGEPAINT.

I'm working on 15m candles , the candle OHLC was wrong and the candle start time was something like 12:02, 12:17, 12:43 which is very wrong.

Could you please let us know why this is happening ?

2) Basically I aim to find out if last candle is closed or not. I rely on time to decide this. Please let me know if there is any better way to do this. Some API like HistoricalData.isClosed() would be great.

  • Rishant
    Hi @sujith ,
    I too have faced a similar issue. I used this and it has quite a significant impact on my trading. Can you please let me know that is there some plan to resolve such issues and can you inform here when the issues are resolved ?
  • Dev
    @sujith & @Kailash did u get a change to look at this issues?

    This is major issues, please take up with priority
  • sujith
    Hi @Dev, @Rishant,
    We are looking into this.
  • Dev
    Dev edited December 2017
    Hi @sujith,

    Any update in this issues, today again we faced the issues for scrip 'AUROPHARMA', where OHLC was wrong for 4th 15min candle during market hours, however after market data seams to be correct. As you have suggested I'm requesting the historical data with 30 sec delay.

    Please fix this issue with priority.
  • Dev
    Dev edited December 2017
  • Dev
    @sujith Any update on this, I'm waiting for this fix to renew the API subscription
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