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Hey all ,

I am new to kite connect api . Please help me regarding this .

1) How much is the charge for using this api .
2) How frequently i can call this api on server i.e how much in a minute . Is there any limit on this .
3) What is postback and redirect url .
4) Basic structure of api call . Example for api to fetch share price will be more helpful .

Please share any doc or anything regarding kite api that may be helpful to me .

Thanks in advance .
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is a monthly subscription service. It will cost you Rs 2000 for the base subscription which includes placing an order, fetching live market data, fetch orderbook, positions, holdings, margins and more.
    Historical API is an add-on subscription service which is optional with the base subscription.

    All Kite Connect HTTP calls are capped at 3 requests per second.

    A redirect URL is an endpoint to which a user is redirected to after successful login.
    A postback URL is optional which is an endpoint to listen to order updates after placing an order.

    You can check out API documentation and introduction webinar.

    You can check out java examples here.
  • utlsingh
    Thanks a lot @surjith

    Just one more question .

    Can i get all quotes price in one api call . If not then how many quotes can i get in one call .
  • sujith
    The live market data can be obtained using websockets API or bulk fetch API.
  • utlsingh
    utlsingh edited December 2017
    I am getting this error :

    Got the request token but facing problem to get the access token .
    Exception in thread "main" com.rainmatter.kitehttp.exceptions.KiteNoNetworkException
    at com.rainmatter.kitehttp.KiteRequest.postRequest(
    at com.rainmatter.kiteconnect.KiteConnect.requestAccessToken(
    at FinalDestination.main(
    Is this because of credit or Network Problem ? I paid 100 rs for credit .

    Can you please help me @sujith .
    Thanks .
  • sujith
    Hi @utlsingh,
    Please create new threads for new queries. It might help others who are looking for the same.

    I think it is because of the network problem. I would suggest checking kiteException.message and kiteException.code to know more about the issue.
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