Multiple Web sockets

HI all,
Can i register multiple websockets for different stocks under same API key?
Ex: i want to get live streaming data for threestocks. Can i register websocket1,websocket2,websocket3 individually in different threads with same API key? PLs clarify
  • sujith
    You can open up to 3 websocket connections at a time using one api_key.
    I think it is wrong architecture to open three connections just to listen to live market data for three instruments. In this way, if you want to subscribe for 10 instruments then you will have to open 10 websocket connections.
  • Pavan
    Thank you sujith. But i have query, Lets consider below two approches
    1) listening 3 instruments with single websocket
    2) listening 3 instruments with three different websockets.
    Above two approches which is highy reliable so that i am getting most of the live ticks for the instumentswithout missing. Or both approaches provides equal quantity of data?
  • tonystark
    Both will be equivalent.
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