getInstruments() giving last_price as zero

KiteConnect kiteSdk = new KiteConnect("api_key");

I am storing the list returned by this call in another list and fetching the last_price of instruments , but it's showing zero all time . There is no problem in code because i am able to fetch all trading symbol using this call only , the only problem is with last_price .
Can anyone help me and tell me why this is happening .

  • sujith
    Can you let us know which API you are using to fetch price?
  • utlsingh
    Java client api's as you can see in the code above .
  • utlsingh
    And let me tell you that i am not downloading the instruments , instead i am fetching data from the list returned by it .
  • sujith
    Instrument dump is a file that is dumped every day morning and it will not be changed until next day.
    You can use this to fetch last price.
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